9 months...

Posted: March 20, 2014

It has been 9 nine months since we launched in the capital. The launch was sparkling and ended on a high note with a presentation by Laurent Marty on branding and how it affects business growth.

Then work started…

I must admit that setting up business is everything I haven’t read about. In many ways, I think it would most probably be different for everyone, but for me, it was surreal – I am now getting used to the idea that I actually am managing my own business. Dreams that finally come true!

These last months have had me thinking and I believe entrepreneurship is so good for character and for the soul. Starting your own “thing” will stretch you - if you’re serious. I have stayed above and walked on waters “figuratively” these past few months, and it was because of my very competent partners, Joe Public, my family and my mentors who kept me focused and supported me. So for all aspiring entrepreneurs get a mentor you can trust when venturing out.

Anyways, back to Cornerstone Joe Public, the first few months of business, also saw us setting up office, mostly the administrative side, we crafted vision and towards the end of 2013, we set goals for the next one to five years. Further to this we worked hard and aimed to live up to our values of integrity, excellence, inspiration and authenticity, through the clients we landed in the year. And living up to those values, we did, having read feedback from the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Ms Daisry Dumeni (Head of Marketing and Public Relations) had the following to say about us:

“Cornerstone brand consultants are a knowledgeable team of brand and organisational strategists, who successfully conducted a brand audit and repositioning strategy for our organisation. They follow a sound methodology and thorough research approach, which guided all the insights that ultimately informed decision-making. We found the team to be agile, specialised and dependable in their service. Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry can confidently recommend Cornerstone Consultants for brand and organisational strategy development”

After reading this, I am humbled and moved to silence in appreciation of the talents bestowed upon us – and so excited that the NCCI is happy with the service provided to them.

Okay back to what we were busy with, before we knew it, it was holiday time and I certainly needed the time off. But needless to say, the time came and went. I found myself in 2014. Thinking about the time off, I spent time with family and caught up with some odd jobs around the house. But come to think of it, 90% of the time I literally did nothing, except think about the next five years for Cornerstone Joe Public, where we want to see it going and how we will make it happen.

Finally, I want to welcome you back to the year 2014. I believe it will be a great year for you and for us. So if you are looking to be inspired to grow, contact us for brand and communications strategy development and implementation. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your business.

For more information on Cornerstone Joe Public (Pty) Ltd, please feel free to download our business profile for your perusal.